June 07, 2017

The Value of Long-Term Investment



Five years ago a small team from MNU, Mid-America University, came to Ecuador.  One of their many projects was to put up a portable chapel in San Pedro, a little town outside of Riobamba on the Sierra Centro District where Mario Paredes is the District Superintendent. 

The location of the donated property was in the middle of a cabbage field.  They literally helped the church people dig up the cabbage plants to make room for the chapel. 
The portable chapel was placed in two other locations before coming to San Pedro, one being Los Treboles in Quito South. 

Our daughter Krista was on that group!

Then a month ago a team from Montrose, CO helped San Pedro build a permanent church building as they had outgrown the portable chapel.

Two weeks later a small team from PLNU, Point Loma Nazarene University took down little chapel in San Pedro and moved it to it’s new home called Nueva Tierra, New Land, on a corner property in the town of Riobamba for another Quechua congregation that is starting to grow.



The portable chapel easily holds 50 people but many more have have been packed into this little chapel at a time.

The portable chapel has served it's purpose to serve many people in it’s life.

An investment of $2,500 has provided 4 church starts to have a place to grow until they have their permanent building.

The life long investment is so much more than the dollar amount when you stop to think on how many people have come to know Christ because someone gave.

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